Better still is the all-outdoor dining space, which is composed of a few tables and some Adirondack chairs over a carpet, all tucked behind some greenery and off the street. Add in the requisite string lights and suddenly the place looks as hip as anywhere else you might choose to dine in the neighborhood...
— Eater Los Angeles

But the one item you must order — seriously, don’t go here and just not order it — is the shrimp toast. This greasy dim sum classic doesn’t get a lot of attention among food nerds these days (it has sort of midcentury, San Francisco Chinatown connotations), but Banh Oui could be responsible for a resurgence.
— LAWeekly

Banh Oui makes a kick ass version of the sandwich with the most flavorful pork belly ever.
— Spoon University

Banh Oui is the passion project-turned-full-time-everything of chefs Casey Felton and Armen Piskoulian.
— Los Angeles Times